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Invessed Client Engagement Survey 2024

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Why Invessed commissioned the survey with YouGov

In collaboration with YouGov, Invessed conducted a client engagement survey of 2,068 adults to uncover insights into younger investors in the UK.

With an anticipated $84 trillion wealth transfer from Baby Boomers, there is significant concern about the readiness of younger generations to manage this wealth.

Key findings from 2,068 respondents

The data indicates that younger investors in the UK (born after 1965) demonstrate a significant lack of comfort and engagement with wealth management.

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"We believe in facilitating engagement with younger generations. This approach will resonate with them and help increase your Assets under Management (AuM)."

Theo Paraskevopoulos, CEO, Invessed


are not comfortable with basic investing principles.


save none of their income.


do not actively monitor their investments.


feel they have no control, and 34% have little control over their finances.

The survey data shows that Financial Advisors, Planners, and Wealth Managers must simplify their language, build financial literacy, encourage good financial habits, and illustrate long-term benefits to engage this demographic more effectively.

A digital-first approach with modern and intuitive client apps, advisory, and coaching services will appeal to younger investors. It's also crucial to reduce entry barriers with transparent fees and uncomplicated onboarding processes.

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This client engagement research highlights a significant gap in comfort and engagement with wealth management among younger generations born after 1965.

This lack of engagement is further emphasised by their limited financial literacy, low savings or investment habits, and infrequent monitoring of their investments.

This data underscores the urgent need for wealth managers to adapt their practices to the evolving needs of these younger investors.

Younger investors in the UK do not consider building and managing wealth a priority. Wealth managers need to consider their offering if they are to keep their future client base engaged.

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