Understand client behaviour and extract value from data. 

Engaging clients via digital channels generates a trail of behavioural data. This data is packed with value - enabling you to provide a better and more personalised experience as well as drive business.

To realise this value, you need toolkit that shows you the big picture, whilst allowing you to slice-and-dice your way down the most granular detail. This is the model of the Invessed Analytics dashboard.

Invessed Analytics dashboard
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Big picture Analytics

Analytics dashboard charting logins, page views, downloads and messages over time.  

Slice-and-dice filters for specific time periods, users or groups and event types. 

Understand what works by monitoring most active users, visited content and documents.   

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Granular client behaviour

Track every login, view and download for auditing purposes as well as granular client profiling. 

Explore individual user behaviour over time and drill-down to individual actions.

Identify patterns and group clients into segments to personalise content and group messages. 

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Extract value from your data

Export data to compile Management Information reports to measure engagement and prove ROI.

Identify outliers and pain-points and provide proactive customer service. 

Install notifications or connect to AI/ML models to predict  pain points and never miss opportunities. 

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Portal Analytics gives us a richer and more immediate view of client behaviour.

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