Capture client risk profile and match with funds and model portfolios.

Offering investment advice at scale is a key challenge for many wealth and fund management firms that target investors directly.

Invessed offers a suite of tools that will help you capture risk appetite, match it to investment products, provide projections and plot them against scenarios and objectives.

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Investment advice and projections from Invessed
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Risk profiler

Capture risk appetite through a series of questions and intuitive questionnaires.  

Sync risk profile with your CRM, to ensure advisors have up-to-date picture of client needs.

Make product recommendations at scale by matching profiles with model portfolios and funds.

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Growth projections

Run growth simulations of model portfolios based on historical returns and other assumptions.

Initiate trades and track progress against projections or benchmarks.

Set timeframe, lump sum and regular contributions for accurate illustration of potential outcomes. 

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Map to client objectives

Outcome-driven investment advice, by matching contributions against targets.

Cross-reference fees, ESG and other criteria, for a fully transparent advisory service.

Map outcomes on life milestones for an engaging, story-led wealth growth approach.

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We are not keen on robo-advice, but making recommendations at scale is a game-changer.

South-Europe Wealth Manager, €2Bn AuM


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