Fits naturally and effortlessly in your data landscape.

Our Bring-Your-Own-Data approach means we work with your existing systems. Built with extensibility in mind, our collection of APIs will integrate data to and from your systems. 

Accelerate development with ready-made integrations for Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, HubSpot, Xplan and other popular asset management CRMs.

Data integrations and APIs
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Flexible integration methods

Our flexible data schema supports data from any Custodian, CRM or market provider.

Custom middleware will connect to external APIs, validate and transform data on the go.

Additional support for CSV and Excel files via SFTP and direct database connection and queries.  

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Comprehensive APIs

Data API - load financial data, content or documents from your providers or repositories. 

Events API - transmit user actions data to your CRM or other system to embed with operations. 

Processes API - trigger trade executions and other back-office functions from the portal.

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Ready-made integrations

Popular CRMs, e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, HubSpot, XPlan, Inteliflo, FolioMetrics and Backstop.

Custodians and providers of Market Data, e.g. MorningStar, FE FundInfo, Refinitiv and Alphavantage.

Identity and legal functionality, e.g. IDNow for KYC/AML checks and DocuSign for e-signatures.

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Finding a portal provider that integrates seamlessly with our CRM has untied our hands.

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