Are your clients looking for your brand in the app stores?

Mobile apps are convenient and offer an intimate experience that websites can't fully match. With biometric authentication (e.g. face recognition), native apps offer an unparalleled mix of security and usability.

There is an app for everything these days - and investment reporting and portfolio access are no exception.

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Native mobile apps

Investment and fund reporting screens optimised for mobile and tablet viewports, and access on the go.

Native apps for iOS and Android, and available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Convenient and secure access with biometric authentication, face recognition or fingerprint.  

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Responsive web portals

Web portals for modern browsers, optimised for laptops, tablets or mobile screen sizes. 

Intuitive user interfaces, balancing simplicity and control over data and functionality.

Secure access via social logins, strength-enforced passwords and two-factor authentication. 

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Embedded tools and email

Enrich your public website with embedded financial reporting and interactive tools.

Secure messaging service, for account alerts and notifications of new content and documents.

Targeted content distribution to groups of clients, based on demographics and other segments.

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Even Institutional investors are now looking for mobile access - it has really taken off.

Nordic Fund Manager, €4Bn AuM


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