Understanding investment reports

As an investor, you need to understand the investment reports your asset or wealth manager provides to keep track of your investments and make decisions. This practical guide will cover the key elements and components of investment reporting.

Understanding investment reporting - a guide for investors
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1. The basics of Investment reporting

What are investment reports, how to find them and why it is important to understand them? 

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2. Portfolios and Valuations

What are the different types of investment portfolios, and how do we measure their value?

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3. Performance and Analytics

How do we measure performance, and what other information can we use to understand our position?

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4. Forecasting future returns

How do we forecast future returns and what assumptions and parameters affect them?

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About this guide

We are not a regulated entity, and do not offer investment advice or indeed financial products or services of any kind. This guide is provided as a general educational resource for the fundamentals of investment reporting, and you should discuss questions or concerns with your financial advisor or wealth manager.

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For Asset and Wealth managers

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