Why Invessed?

Empower Asset and Wealth Managers with innovative wealth engagement solutions

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Secure apps and portals for client engagement

The Wealth Management Technology Market faces regulatory complexities, data management, and integration issues. Invessed addresses these challenges through its flexible platform and focus on scalable solutions.

Invessed is a secure client portal and app with comprehensive wealth reporting capabilities. It offers a cloud-native platform for wealth and asset managers.

Major trends in Wealth Management include adopting analytics and intelligence tools, integrating multi-channel customer experiences, data security, and privacy. Invessed leads these trends with powerful analytics, secure apps, client portals, and wealth reporting features.

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Invessed Wealth Engagement Platform

Empower advisers with an innovative wealth platform

Powerful Investment Reporting Capabilities

Invessed transforms investment data into actionable insights, providing powerful investment reporting capabilities. This feature assists in making informed investment decisions and optimising portfolio performance.

Secure Client Portals and File Exchanges

Invessed provides secure client portals and file exchanges using document libraries and data rooms. This security feature boosts client trust and confidentiality, particularly when handling sensitive financial information.

Scalable and Cloud-Native Solutions

Invessed provides scalable and cloud-native solutions for client portal management, offering immediate scalability to accommodate growing demand. This adaptability ensures asset and wealth managers can efficiently adjust to evolving business needs.

Comprehensive Wealth Engagement Platform

Invessed provides a comprehensive wealth engagement platform for asset and wealth managers. It offers client onboarding, risk profiling, and portfolio reporting through branded apps and client portals. This integrated approach improves efficiency and simplifies the wealth management process.

Investment reporting on over €200Bn combined AuM

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Client engagement for investment and wealth management

Mobile Apps

The Invessed mobile app offers on-the-go access to investment reports, client data, and portfolio management tools.

Direct Sales

Invessed delivers direct sales channels, including personalised consultations and client meetings, to build relationships and better understand client needs.

Web Platforms

Wealth Engagement Platforms like Invessed are the most common channel for transactions in the wealth management industry, providing convenient access to wealth management tools and services.

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Brand loyalty trends in wealth management

  • Brand loyalty trends in the wealth management industry show clients value platforms that consistently provide personalised experiences, advanced analytics, and secure client interactions.
  • Building trust through reliable services, innovative solutions, and exceptional client support fosters long-term loyalty.
  • Personalised services, including tailored client onboarding and investment reporting, influence clients by providing customised solutions that meet their needs and preferences.
  • Strong data security measures and robust privacy policies ensure the confidentiality of their financial information.
  • Integrating innovative technology like biometric authentication and interactive visualizations demonstrates technological advancement. This can influence a client's decision when choosing a wealth manager.

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Who can benefit from Invessed?

Asset and Wealth Managers

Establish your secure client portal and mobile app with Invessed. This is a complete client engagement and fund reporting platform for Asset and Wealth Managers. We have everything prepared for a quick market entry, including seamless account opening, investment reporting, KYC/AML compliance, and a customisable white-label front end.

Professional and B2B Services

Develop your secure client portal and mobile application for professional services using Invessed, a comprehensive client engagement and reporting platform. Eliminate technological bottlenecks and obsolete procedures. The Invessed platform transforms businesses burdened with monolithic architectures and legacy tech stacks. Swap manual processes for efficient solutions to enhance operations and give customers a reimagined product experience.

FinTech and Software vendors

Create your secure FinTech client portal and mobile app with Invessed, which is the complete client engagement platform. Strengthen client relationships through fully branded, interactive, and secure client portals and apps. Improve customer loyalty and delight clients by providing access to their content on any device.

Problems that Invessed solves

High barriers to entry

Setting up client portals and apps can be expensive and complicated. But our platform makes this easy and affordable.

Lack of scalability

As your business expands, scalability and innovation become crucial. Invessed is built for scalability, allowing your business to broaden its services without technology limitations.

Long development cycles

Building apps and client portals from scratch can be time-consuming. However, with the modular design of our solutions, you can bypass years of development. Invessed streamlines this process, enabling your business to enter the market quickly.

High maintenance costs

Maintaining a system to ensure it remains current and operates smoothly can be costly. Invessed offers fair and transparent pricing at a fixed cost.

Complex integrations

Integrating with other financial systems and services can be challenging. However, with Invessed, the process becomes simpler. Our experience in integrating with many leading platforms saves you valuable development time.

Inconsistent brand identity

Diverse brand identities across products or services can weaken brand loyalty. To combat this, Invessed apps and client portals maintain brand integrity with customisable front-ends.

Poor product support

Poor product support can negatively affect customer loyalty and a brand's reputation, potentially losing clients. Invessed simplifies communication, effectively handles support tickets, and promptly addresses concerns.

Rigid solutions

Many off-the-shelf SaaS products need more flexibility and customization options. In contrast, Invessed allows for product customisation according to specific business needs.

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