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Great value client portal for new or smaller companies and niche managers. 

  • All built-in features
  • Branded theme
  • 2 data integrations
  • 5 Internal users
  • 500 Client accounts
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Fully-featured client portal for established or scaling companies.

  • Custom components
  • Bespoke branding
  • 5 data integrations
  • 20 Internal users
  • 5000 Client accounts
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Bespoke client portal for large asset managers and fintech brands.

  • Custom components
  • Unique UX experience
  • Unlimited Data integrations
  • Unlimited Internal users
  • Unlimited Client accounts
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The question is not how much it costs to build a Client Portal. It's how much it costs not to.

European Investment Manager, £6Bn AuM

Invessed wealth apps

Frequently asked

Who will do the implementation?

Under the guidance of our consultants, our dedicated team of designers and developers will implement the solution and connect it to your data sources.

What is included? What is not?

All plans include Cloud hosting, support and all licenses and upgrades for as long as the subscription is active. There will be no other monthly charges.

What are your payment terms?

Subscription fees are invoiced monthly, in advance, starting from when we provision Cloud resources, typically a beta launch. We expect all invoices to be paid in within 30 days.

Do you give discounts or custom pricing?

We are happy to discuss special pricing, should our plans not match your circumstances - e.g. if you have smaller or larger number of internal or external users.

How much will the implementation project cost?

Our fees are charged at a blended rate of €1.065/day for all custom creative or development work. The total cost of the project will depend on your unique requirements.

How often do your prices change?

Our prices may increase by a small percentage each year, in line with inflation in major European markets. We will give you at least 3 months' notice before any increases kick in.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Minimum engagement period is 6 months for Growth and 12 months for Scale and Enterprise plans. Afterwards, you can cancel with 3 months' notice.

Can I host it on our own Cloud resources?

It is technically possible to host Invessed on your own Cloud. However, this has a wider impact on Support and T&Cs, so this option is only available in the Enterprise plan.