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Can we accelerate innovation and enable agility across our fintech?


FinTech is the largest technology sector in Europe, its combined valuation 3 times larger than the next sector. The pace of innovation has been tremendous, matched by a consumer appetite for new ways to generate, store and transfer money.

These forces have turbocharged the - already healthy - competitive drive across the industry. Startups are well-placed to innovate quickly, however established companies find it a lot harder, due to typical issues connected to scale and legacy.

What are the pain-points?


Legacy structures

Teams from acquired companies take a while to blend, let alone embark on cross-department innovation projects.

Legacy technology

Failure to modernise legacy systems can delay innovation, as they consume resources, and saps team morale.

Legacy thinking

Acquired organisations can remain stuck in their thinking, resisting change and Agile development process.

Cloud-native platform as enabler of innovation and agility.

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Platform consolidation

Bring together content from different sources and communicate the expanded product range in a coherent manner.

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Lead generation and inbound marketing

Marketing can orchestrate user journeys to capture leads via gated content, forms and chats and integrated with HubSpot.

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Cloud-enabled innovation

The platform supports Agile development and DevOps, fostering iterative enhancement and further digital innovation.

Project profile

FE FundInfo is a global leader in fund data and technology. The firm connects fund managers and distributors, enabling them to share and act on trusted, insightful information. Every day, thousands of people make investment decisions based on their data.

The company has a history that dates back to 1996, and has grown through multiple mergers and acquisitions. In 2020, the firm rebranded to FE FundInfo, and needed a new Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to accelerate digital innovation

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Digital client experience is key - especially when working across borders and jurisdictions.