Some firms are considering Secure Client Portals but are wary of IT projects that drag on into eternity.

Key points
  1. Apart from budgets, technical and organisational complexity can cause delays, with some projects running over multiple quarters or even years
  2. Traditional “waterfall” project management techniques are not ideal for digital projects, where specifications cannot be locked at the outset and change is a given
  3. Invessed is designed with agile development in mind. A Cloud-native architecture is optimised for continuous delivery and test-and-adapt cycles
  4. Using our approach, an MVP can be deployed in under 30 days, with most projects ready for scaling out to your full user base in a few months
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Considering Secure Client Portals but have heard horror stories of IT projects that drag on into eternity? There’s a widely held myth that IT projects (including the development of effective client portals) can take ages, but we can dispel that myth.

Time is precious

Implementing Secure Client Portals into your business doesn’t have to take years, or investment equivalent to the annual GDP of a small European country!

For some businesses who demand a unique, complex and custom-created tool that is unlike anything else on the market, projects can indeed be costly and time-consuming: brand new software often encounters quirks that need to be ironed out before the tool can be put to work. ‘Scope creep’ can also be an issue, if unforeseen circumstances and shiny new ideas are constantly added to the mix, and the project becomes increasingly more challenging and demanding instead of approaching completion.

With one in six IT projects over-running by nearly 70%, it’s easy to see why businesses are wary about how long it will take to develop a new client portal. But they shouldn’t be.

There are speedy solutions out there.

Worried about cost and timescale, some businesses opt for a straight out of the box, one-size-fits-all platform that they have to force their data into, and which often doesn’t provide the functionality or flexibility that the business needs or will need.

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Client Portals made with pre-built components can save time whilst creating a unique solution for you

However, there is a happy medium – a client portal with pre-built components that can be added in the unique combination your business needs, and which can be added to as your business grows and changes in the coming years.

Our client portal can be deployed in under 30 days

By making the most of pre-built, tried-and-tested components, our client portal can be deployed in under 30 days. with most projects being ready to roll out to customers within just a few months.

Support doesn’t stop when the portal is launched either, it’s included (alongside the cost of management of the tool and the hosting) in the monthly fee. The components of the software are also continuously tested and adapted, making it a long-term solution that isn’t going to become irrelevant or reach end-of-life in the foreseeable future.

Quick and cost-effective.

An efficient and effective customer portal doesn’t have to be an expensive, long-term project – there are quick and pain-free solutions out there that don’t need you to compromise on functionality or user experience.