We often come across businesses who think that their data is too complex for a Client Portal

Key points
  1. Many firms have a complex technology landscape and data resides in diverse systems or custodians. Bringing together this data is too onerous a project, and so is a Client Portal.
  2. Selecting a system with open architecture backed by a competent implementation team can take most of the pain out of this process.
  3. Invessed does not compete with custodians, CRMs or data providers. Our “Bring Your Own Data” policy means we are part of the solution, not the problem.
  4. We start our projects with a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) step, where we test data integrations before you commit to a full-blown project. We have never failed a PoC
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We often come across businesses who think that their data is too complex for a client portal. We’re here to dispel that myth.

What does your technology landscape look like?

As a business grows, it’s inevitable that systems and processes will change with it. Perhaps you started with one tool for customer management, before adding another for a different function, then adding another tool to assist with a completely different task?

Before you know it, a business relies on a technology landscape so complex that it takes new team members months to get to grips with it. It’s not just an issue that affects asset and wealth management companies - according to research, small firms deployed 73 apps on average.

Too much data?

When you’ve got data spread across a number of different platforms, pulling everything together in one convenient, central location can be a challenge. Some firms are concerned about the number of working hours it will take to collate everything in a useable format. Other common worries we hear are about whether or not a new tool will provide the functionality the business actually needs after everything has been moved across.

The good news? There are solutions that can take the stress out of managing your data, like introducing a new secure client portal into your business.

Getting your data under control.

Our Client Portal allows you to ‘Bring your own data’ with you, regardless of the volume or complexity, and our in-house implementation team will do the heavy lifting. We can integrate any data source, providing a practical and seamless solution to a previously complex technology landscape.

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We can integrate any data source, providing a seamless experience across a complex technology landscape

Additionally, before you commit to a full-blown migration project, our team start every project with a proof-of-concept exercise, where integrations between your pre-existing tools and data and our client portal are rigorously tested to ensure that everything will work as you need it to work in the finished product.

You might feel your data is too complex for a Client Portal, but we haven’t found a business we couldn’t support yet. Your data wrangling woes could be a thing of the past, and your customers (and team) could benefit from the functionality and simplicity of a single Client Portal for all of your Asset and Wealth Management sales, marketing and retention activities.

Want to discuss a proof-of-concept to get you going? Get in touch with us today.