Invessed provides a cutting-edge portal for companies that use Xplan CRM, offering plug-and-play integration.

Xplan Integration Key Points

  1. Iress Xplan is a complete CRM for financial advice
  2. Xplan is perfect for Advisor productivity and customer data
  3. Invessed provides the perfect store-front for Xplan CRM
  4. The ready-made connector ensures a quick and painless integration
Client portal for Xplan CRM

CRM is the backbone of Wealth Advice

For most firms, the backbone of customer service is provided by Customer Relationship Management software (or CRM for short). Typically a Cloud-based application, CRM is used to:

  • Hold customer records and contact information
  • Centralise portfolio and holdings
  • Drive onboarding and account management data

An important CRM function is to be the ‘golden master’ of all customer data. In addition, CRM is the core system that facilitates Advisor workflow and its task is to make the Relationship Managers productive and efficient.

However, it is not always best placed to deliver front-end client experiences, so many firms prefer a specialist Client Portal vendor that integrates with their CRM. In other words, the right tool for the right job.

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With a ready-made connector for Iress Xplan, integrations are quick, painless and cost-effective

Xplan offers complete Advisor toolkit

Iress Xplan is an industry-leading CRM, which - unlike generic systems like Salesforce and Dynamics - offers a solution designed for Wealth management and financial advice. Key features of the Xplan platform include:

  • Unparalleled depth of functionality in a single CRM platform
  • Scalable and built for firms of all sizes and all types of advice
  • Configurable and flexible to match any business requirements
  • Supports omnichannel advice delivery, incl. retail, in-person, digital and telephone

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Cutting-edge Wealth Experiences with Xplan and Invessed

Invessed offers a cutting-edge Client Portal solution for Asset and Wealth Managers. Across web and mobile, we deliver secure Wealth experiences including performance and valuation reporting, onboarding, messaging and so much more.

As a data-agnostic platform, Invessed supports all leading CRMs and industry providers. With a ready-made connector for Iress Xplan, integrations are quick, painless and cost-effective.

To improve Customer Experience and loyalty, you need to fit your CRM with a cutting-edge Client Portal. Your Iress Xplan CRM just made a new best friend.

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