A CRM is an internal tool for firms to store and act upon clients’ data - and inviting clients inside sends out a welcoming message.

Key points
  1. Wealth  and Asset and Managers invest significantly in CRM
  2. A CRM tool is like a secure, well-structured "house" for client data
  3. But with no Client Portal it’s like a house without doors
  4. From onboarding to reporting, investors want secure access 
  5. We build Client Portals that help companies optimise their investment in CRM
Writing a Client Portal brief

Why CRM is a valuable tool for Wealth and Asset Managers

Most firms are now familiar with CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) - the tools or technology used to keep track of existing customers, clients or prospects. SalesForce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and other leading CRM software enables wealth and asset managers to store accurate client information and log client engagements. With a holistic, 360-degree view of critical client and investment data, they can identify and prioritise key clients, assess their value to the business and build personalised communications to nurture long-term relationships. All the time tracking and acquiring new clients to increase AUM.

A good CRM is like a clean, secure "house" for client data

A CRM can be the “single point of truth” for a firm’s client and investment data, so that all advisors working for the firm are leveraging accurate information in their engagements with clients or prospects. This is especially useful in this era of remote or partially remote working arrangements. If different advisors are storing and accessing data in different locations, confusion and inaccuracies can develop.

The solution to enhanced customer service: a “door”

The limitation of a CRM is that it’s only accessible internally. It’s walled off to the outside world - including your clients. By building a Client Portal and integrating it with your CRM, you can bring your firm and clients together on the same two-way digital platform, enhancing engagement. Clients can request assistance, read updates, provide feedback on new initiatives and access interactive portfolio reports on the device of their choice. Through your Client Portal, they can also access or update their information on the CRM at any time, helping you maintain data integrity.

Giving clients a set of keys to their (secure) information

If you’re adding a “door” to your CRM and putting out the virtual welcome mat to your clients - what about security? The Client Portals Invessed builds for wealth and asset managers - which integrate easily with the majority of all CRMs - incorporate two-step verification, enforced password strength and updating, Cloud firewalls and end-to-end encryption, for peace of mind for both you and your clients. 

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