Why institutional asset managers choose the Invessed platform and what we’ve built for their investors

Key points
  1. Institutional investors value transparency and convenience as much as retail investors
  2. A modern platform for data distribution and communication flow is key
  3. Our Client Portals have been shown to advance portfolio transparency and convenience
  4. Our Portals deliver secure, customizable reporting and messaging features
Writing a Client Portal brief

Institutional investors demand convenience and transparency

As their prosperity depends on investment returns, retail investors treasure transparency above all. 

Because they often make decisions on sizable sums of money, institutional investors value it no less. As professionals, they seek “holistic clarity and transparency into all of the moving parts of their portfolios”, with real-time portfolio performance, and insights on the underlying strategy.

They also demand convenience, yet often find themselves frustrated by a mass of confusing or irrelevant reporting coming at them from different sources. Client Portals are an opportunity for asset managers to improve their engagement with institutional investors.  

Modern platforms for data distribution and communication flow

A Client Portal is an all-in-one digital platform providing investors with a holistic, real-time portfolio view along with easy access to relevant and accurate supporting data, on the device of their choice. Apart from archiving, a good Client Portal does away with PDFs and presents portfolio distribution, performance, strategy, ESG ratings and other data in an interactive visual form that is easy to scan and understand. Investors can gauge portfolio performance over adjustable timelines, view territories and currencies being targeted, and zoom into supporting data.

Providing a better investor experience

With more than two decades in business, a Stockholm-based asset international asset manager we work with saw the need to answer institutional investors’ need for convenient, transparent, digitally-driven engagement. The Client Portal we built enables the firm to give investors around-the-clock access to relevant and up-to-date information to inform their investment decisions. It also includes secure messaging; document libraries, and access to client-exclusive insights and events.

About the underlying Invessed platform

Using open-architecture technology Invessed builds Client Portals for wealth and asset managers that provide secure, customizable visual portfolio reporting. Each Client Portal is branded in the client’s corporate identity and can be deployed as an MVP in 30 days. With most people choosing to browse on smartphones these days, Invessed uses a mobile-first design approach. 

These Client Portals are as easy to use for our institutional clients as they are for their investors, thanks to intuitive controls enabling easy management of Portal users and permissions, content, and media. 

Each portal also serves as a powerful on-boarding mechanism. Featuring forms, data rooms, tick lists and e-signatures, it can dramatically shorten the due-diligence process, especially when multiple parties are involved.

Institutional asset managers who come to us say their main motivation for having a Client Portal is to get and stay closer to their clients. Through Invessed’s technology, that proximity is ensured for the long-term.