Invessed is the digital fast lane for asset and wealth managers. The fastest way to engage clients through websites, portals and app

Writing a Client Portal brief

By now, the value of digital customer experience is clear to most Wealth and Fund managers. It's time to start making things happen. It's time to get moving.

Invessed is the digital fast-lane for asset and wealth managers. Our 4-step process is designed to produce interactive, actionable outcomes as fast as possible. To illustrate the key concepts, it helps to think of it as a journey in your (sports) car:

Every journey starts with a single step. Before you get going though, you have to punch in the destination on the sat-nav. There is little point to a smooth journey if it leads to the wrong destination.

In digital, we do this with a 5-day Design Sprint. 

Driving through the city can be a challenge. Traffic is thick and can shift quickly - and suddenly. To avoid delays, real-time traffic information and quick route adjustments are needed. 

For digital projects, you would use a 30-day Minimum Viable Product.

To merge into the motorway, control is everything. You want to achieve enough speed to match motorway traffic, even as you negotiate the tricky angles of the slip-road.

In the digital domain, acceleration means achieving Scale.

You've made it to the fast lane. You know where you're going, and you're going there fast. The scenery goes by and you cover more distance with less effort.

Cruise control is to driving, as Agility is to digital ops.