In Part 2, we used real-time updates as an analogy for an MVP. Moving on, it is time to accelerate and join the motorway. In the digital world, we are looking to Scale up

Writing a Client Portal brief

Invessed is the digital fast lane for asset and wealth managers. We use an analogy of a car journey to illustrate the key components of our process.

In the previous post, we used an MVP to get customer feedback, making sure we don't get stuck in "feature traffic". In the next stage of the journey, we are looking to accelerate and merge into the motorway. In other words, it's time to Scale up the product.

  1. Design Sprint - set the satnav
  2. MVP - navigate the city
  3. Scale - join the motorway
  4. Agility - cruise control on the fast-lane

Join the motorway: Scale up the product

In driving, accelerating can be a challenge, as your brain adjusts to increasingly fast-changing circumstances. Control is everything here - you want to achieve enough speed to merge in the motorway, even as you negotiate the tricky angle of the slip-road.

In the digital domain, acceleration means achieving Scale by realizing Scalability, or "the property of a system to handle a growing amount of work". This can be done by adding resources, but the beauty of digital is that it can scale through automation and delegation, thus keeping costs in check. 

How does it work?

The MVP yielded a functional prototype, albeit with "just enough" data or features to be credible. To Scale-up we run a full integration project, aiming to automate processes, connect systems and build features that will appeal to your broader client base, beyond early adopters. Here's what you can expect:

  • Full CRM, CMS and data repository integration
  • Connect documents and messages with your workflows
  • Compliance requirements checked off
  • Scaleable Cloud hosting to handle volume and spikes
  • Gradual onboarding of large volumes of clients

How fast and how much

The product can reach full Scale within 6 months, although this can vary with technical or compliance requirements. Specifics include:

  • Aim to achieve Scale within 6 months
  • Costs calculated as T&M, with a competitive rate
  • Agile roadmap and implementation process
  • IP of deliverables stays with the client
  • Can deploy on your existing Azure infrastructure if you wish

What's next? Cruise on the fast lane, and enhance

We have accelerated in a controlled way and merged in the motorway. We are now ready to switch to the fast lane and start picking up some serious speed.

The challenge here is to maintain cruising speed. In the digital world, this is about creating a steady flow of value through incremental enhancements. Next up, we will be talking about agility and the continuous value stream.