How can you ensure that every individual sees the right data? Different levels of ownership and access permissions are the key.

Key points
  1. Security is very important in Client Portals, but you must support different levels of ownership and access permissions
  2. For example, families need multiple accounts and institutional portals can be accessed accessible by multiple professionals
  3. Internal users such as advisors and relationship managers should be able to impersonate clients to support and collaborate
  4. Invessed supports multiple permission levels, allowing data to flow securely to the right persons
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We all have different needs. Client Portals for Wealth Management companies can hold a treasure trove of data for customers and the professionals who support them, but every individual accessing a platform needs access to different key data.

Families many need multiple client portals, and institutional portals need to be accessed by a range of different professionals, with every individual needing to have access to the data that is appropriate for their role: Customer support staff don’t necessarily need access to comprehensive reports, and customers don’t need the ability to edit their own dashboard.

Here at Invessed, our client portal solution is built with different levels of ownership and a range of different access permissions to provide the right data to the right person, at the right time.

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Different levels of data ownership and permissions ensure the right data reaches the right person, at the right time.

What does the customer see?

A useful resource for asset and wealth management professionals is the ability to see what the client sees when they log in to a client portal. Having full administrative access to the platform gives you the ability to turn functions on and off, run reports, etc. to support the client, but if a client is struggling to navigate the system, or wants to personalise it further, it really helps to be able to log in to the system as them and address their concerns or adjust their dashboard based on their requirements.

Protected Data

With so many people needing access to a client portal – from family members to professional support staff – some people may be wary about security, but a secure platform doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality and appropriate and positive user experience. Our client portal solution offers the following:

  • Hosting via Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud - tried, tested and trusted
  • ISO 27001 accreditation that certifies our information risk management processes
  • Strong SSL/End-to-end encryption
  • Robust, two-factor authentication in order to access the platform.

With Invessed, legitimate and trusted users can access the data that is relevant to them safely and securely, allowing data to flow to the right people, at the right time.