Client Portals are Rocket Science - aren’t they? Not really... and they can really propel your Customer Experience. 

Many Asset and Wealth Managers that consider upgrading their Client Portals find it too big a task: complex, expensive or costly. In this webinar, we will attempt to debunk these common myths, and help you build a pathway to upgrade your digital client experience. Is it easy? No, but it is no Rocket Science either!

What we will cover:

  1. Why Client Portals are critical
  2. Common misconceptions debunked
  3. Best practices when designing portals
  4. Practical steps to get started


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About the webinar

Theo Paraskevopoulos is CEO of GrowCreate, an independent Cloud software and CX company. Invessed is a platform that helps Asset and Wealth Managers manage their data and power websites, client portals and apps.