Reshaping the Future of Wealth Management

We are on the verge of witnessing the largest wealth transfer in history. In 20 years, $84 trillion in assets will transfer from the Baby Boomer generation to Millennials and Generation Z. This isn't just a money shift — a massive change that will rework economies and remake entire industries.

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Millennial Money Shift

Millennial Money Shift

The younger generations will not simply inherit the wealth but also transform its management. They favour managing their finances digitally and tailored to their requirements.

31% of Millennials and 21% of Generation X use Self-Investing Apps.

This financial transition of millennials is triggering a significant shift in conventional financial management, creating opportunities for technology firms specialising in finance.

Money Movement: Going Digital

This money movement from older generations is shaking up the traditional way of managing wealth. Wealthy individuals from younger generations want digital solutions. They like the ease of having access to their money anytime, seeing updates in real-time, and making transactions right away.

The Great Money Shift: A Tech Jump

The most significant financial transition in history isn't solely about digital access to financial resources. It also involves leading AI and machine learning technologies to provide tailored financial guidance and automated wealth management. Technology firms that can integrate these technologies into user-friendly wealth management software will dominate the market.

Wealth Management Platform: A Safe Place

But, moving towards a Wealth Management Platform isn't easy. Strong security and compliance with regulations are critical. As technology improves, the rules that keep these digital platforms safe and fair must also improve.

Moving Money to the Next Generation: A Green Shift

This movement of money is also changing how people invest. Younger generations prefer to invest sustainably and responsibly. They're more likely to put money into companies that share their values about the environment and social justice.

Why Invessed? A Custom Solution

Invessed is here to meet the growing need for digital, personalised, and sustainable money management solutions.

Invessed helps money managers attract younger, tech-savvy generations with a digital platform to stay competitive. With AI and machine learning, Invessed advisors to provide personalised financial advice, predict risk, and automate money management. It also has strong security and helps with regulatory compliance.

Invessed provides digital, personalised, and sustainable solutions for wealth managers and advisors. This comes as the world is experiencing the largest change in money handling from boomer parents to their children.

The Great Money Shift: Changing Money Management - Invessed

Discover how Invessed is adapting to the biggest movement of money in history. Our wealth management platform appeals to tech-savvy younger generations, offering personalised financial advice, predicting risk, and automating money management.