How can you identify the right vendor for your client portal project? Invessed can help.

Key points
  1. No need to reinvent the wheel - keep costs in check
  2. Be wary of "bundled" or free portals
  3. CX is too important to be an afterthought
  4. Trust industry insiders, as they understand your challenges 
  5. Invessed is a Client Portal specialist and ideal partner
Invessed Client portal

Don’t reinvent the wheel

It’s easy to think that your data is too complex for a pre-existing client portal solution, or that you need ground-breaking functionality that no tool currently provides, but custom created solutions are both costly and time-consuming.They also aren’t necessary for many asset and wealth management companies.

At Invessed, we use pre-built and pre-tested components, which can be used in any combination to create the ideal client portal solution for your business. You can pick and choose the components you want, giving you the ability to use pre-existing software to customise your portal without costly development and testing fees. This approach also helps to accelerate client portal development and implementation projects, which also helps to keep costs down

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Pick and choose the components you want, to customise your portal without costly development fees

The best things in life aren’t always free

There are many free or ‘bundled’ client portals available on the market and tempting as it might be to opt for a cheap and cheerful tool, it’s important to think about the customer’s experience. Free, bundled portals look awful and will ultimately hurt your business as your reputation can be negatively and swiftly impacted by poor customer experience.

A client portal needs to be intuitive and functional for customers and the team that support them, but most free portals are clunky and uninspiring. Your customers are at the heart of your business, and it’s important to give them the most positive experience possible when it comes to your client portal – not just for their ease, but also to reduce customer support calls when they’ve got an issue that a free client portal can’t address.

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"Free" portals are clunky and come with the hidden cost of plummeting customer experience

Trust the experts

When you’re considering a client portal solution for asset and wealth management, it’s worth speaking to specialists who understand both the industry and the technology involved. Industry insiders understand the unique challenges within the wealth management sector and speak the same language as you – they’re also more likely to understand the functionality you need and how this would be used by your clients and your team who support them.

Invessed specialise in Client Portals for asset and wealth managers and we combine our industry knowledge and experience with the skills and technology needed to realise your ideal client portal. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.