Remember that your clients are accessing your client portal at home, at the office or on the move.

Key points
  1. Different touchpoints are typically linked to different devices - a quick check on mobile and deeper research on desktop
  2. As the hub of all financial affairs, it is important that mobile and tablet portals are fully featured - for both retail and professional investors
  3. Desktop is great for due diligence and research, so clients need an array of exporting and data manipulation tools
  4. Invessed maintains full feature parity between devices, whilst making the most of the capabilities of each device
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Digital devices play a central role in many of our lives. According to research, the average adult will spend more than 34 years of their life looking at screens. It’s not just computers and televisions, 85% of UK adults have used a smartphone to access the internet, with over 4.28 billion people globally using a mobile device to go online.

We rely on different devices at different times – mobile or tablet might be helpful for a quick check-in with their client portal whilst travelling, whereas a desktop allows a user to easily and efficiently navigate the portal and carry out deeper research in a quiet and controlled environment.

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As the hub of all financial affairs, mobile and tablet client portals must be fully featured.

As the hub of all their financial affairs, it’s important that mobile and tablet client portals are fully featured for both retail and professional investors. At Invessed, our Client Portal Solution is fully functional across all devices, providing customers access to their data anytime, anywhere, and whether they are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

A platform for every occasion

Just because Invessed works effectively on mobile, it doesn’t mean that desktop functionality has been compromised. There are some activities that are better suited to desktop access, for example, a thorough account check or carrying out due diligence, as data can be exported into data manipulation tools for deeper evaluation. As a result, a client portal designed for seamless user experience should be able to adapt from device to device, like the Invessed Client portal.

Access anywhere, on any device.

Different customers have different needs at different times. Here at Invessed, we provide our full range of capabilities across all devices. As well as helping to improve the overall customer experience, this also gives your team the ability to access information on the go, and in an ever-connected 24/7 world, who can ask for more than that?