To keep innovating and avoid the legacy trap, we need to include upgrades in our roadmap

Key points
  1. Invessed uses modern technologies to deliver fast, secure, and responsive Client Portals
  2. To keep innovating, we need to frequently upgrade these technologies
  3. The right time is when the new version is mature and the benefits are clear
  4. Invessed is scheduled for its next upgrade in Q3/2021
Writing a Client Portal brief

Innovation built on modern technology

The best Asset and Wealth Managers' clients demand client portals that are fast, secure, and work across their devices. Invessed relies on a modern technology stack to build user experiences that exceed your investors’ expectations.

Vue JS is a "progressive" web and mobile application framework. Unlike React (a Facebook product), it is not tied to another big corporation's requirements, and therefore best aligned to our long-term needs. With the support of an enthusiastic ecosystem, it accelerates development through:

  • Enterprise-ready, scalable architecture
  • A suite of enabling libraries
  • Support for native mobile apps

A question of timing

All open-source or commercial systems evolve through patches (bug fixes), minor releases (new features and non-breaking changes), and major version upgrades (significant code rewrite). The release of Vue 3 is one such major upgrade that enhances the framework's scalability.

The question is not whether to upgrade, but when. Upgrade too early, and the various components will not have enough time to produce stable versions, compromising overall quality. Leave it too late, and the upgrade path gets too steep, delayed in perpetuity until the software is unsupportable - also known as "legacy".

Our roadmap

Invessed will upgrade all underlying components at the end of Q3-2021. Our decision is driven by 3 key criteria, all of which need to be met before we consider an upgrade:

  1. The benefits are clear and easy to communicate to business users
  2. The new version is the default in the ecosystem
  3. There are no blockers from the application or client-side

As of March 2021, no criteria are fully met - downloads for Vue 2.x are still higher than 3.x, and no supporting libraries have released stable versions. However, there’s a clear sense of urgency in the community that tells us that the timing will be right in a few months.