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Can we streamline multi-regional fund marketing?


Managing assets of €31 trillion (almost two-times Europe’s GDP), and supported by an ever-closer money-markets integration, European fund management is fertile ground for established and challenger brands.

For fund marketers, operating in a pan-European environment is not without challenges. Working with diverse localities, regulators and systems introduces significant complexity in showcasing your range and publishing fund information.

What are the pain-points?



Many marketing systems do not support multi-lingual content and are too inflexible to handle diverse regulatory frameworks out of the box.


Simpler CMS and publishing systems are not equipped with data management facilities to source and manage data from multiple sources.


Independent firms must solve the same challenges as bank-owned competitors, but without the same budgets or big IT teams.

An integrated content platform streamlines fund marketing.

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Featuring integrations with data providers and CRM, key website operations and updates are automated and complete instantly.

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API-driven architecture allows you to combine multi-lingual content and multi-source data from the same system.

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Fund tools

Fund range explorer, performance and asset allocation charting, with interactive calculators and document distribution.

Project profile

Luxembourg-based Ethenea is a fund management company that takes pride in its independence. Its mission is to provide secure, sustainable profits to their clients whilst avoiding unnecessary risks and volatility. Since 2009, the portfolio team manages more than 6.22€bn, distributed through the Ethna range in 12 countries.

Invessed deployed a modern content management platform, based on open-source technology. With multi-lingual and data management features, the platform streamlines fund marketing whilst delivering an engaging investor experience.   

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