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Can we accelerate our fintech development?


From AI to blockchain and everything in between, the degree of innovation in financial software and services is remarkable. This wave of this innovation can be overwhelming, and adoption hangs on intuitive and accessible apps.

To ensure the adoption of their services, B2B service providers for finance must publish fintech apps to front their wares. However, producing fintech apps comes with a whole set of complexities that takes many firms by surprise.

What are the pain-points?


Costly skills

A modern Dev operation also requires Agile PMs, UX, and DevOps professionals, raising upfront costs sharply.

Time to market

Building everything from scratch extends the time to market dramatically, leaving the firm vulnerable to competition.

Tech debt

New development teams are prone to technical pitfalls, resulting in an app that is insecure, inflexible, or hard to maintain.

Accelerated development with Invessed fintech toolkit

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Data collection

Custom workflow, permissions structure, and intuitive web forms to streamline the data collection process.

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Secure, bi-directional connection to the proprietary engine, the core that calculates valuations and risk.

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Reports combine quantitative data visualisations, qualitative observations, and a development roadmap.

Project profile

Apollonian is a Luxembourg-based fintech, offering the first universal company analysis platform for Private Equity markets. Through their platform called ‘Insight’, clients can access multi-model fair value assessments, credit rating and scoring, risk assessment, and due diligence services.

In partnership with Invessed, Apollonian created a unique front-end for the Insight Platform, designed to be the single point of entry for their valuation projects and client operations.

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Time to market is critical in financial services - you cannot afford to reinvent the wheel.