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In a digital-first world, how can wealth managers get closer to their clients?

Trust, discretion and finesse make a great Wealth Manager. This hasn’t changed but wealth portal technology has. A market-leading Client Portal will help your advisors reach new audiences, deliver seamless reporting and stay close to their clients.

Your CRM may come with a free portal, but does it convey the right feel? Trust our specialist Client Portal technology to deliver a cutting-edge experience worthy of your brand.

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Loyalty and referrals

Meet client demand for secure, instant portfolio access for their browsers and mobiles.

Foster loyalty, with always-on access that keeps clients engaged with your brand and insights.

Encourage referrals through the Client Portal, the tangible part of your value proposition.

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Cloud-native data protection

Enjoy the full protection of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud investment in security.

Protect your data with strong SSL/end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication.

Independently penetration-tested on a regular basis, and accredited by ISO 27001 standard.

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Achieve more with less

Service a larger pool of clients without expanding the team or compromising quality.

Save up on compliance costs by centralising and streamlining consent management.

Dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a SaaS Client Portal.

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The portal is something you can touch and feel – a powerful experience.

London-based Wealth Manager, £4Bn AuM


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