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You are building a fintech solution. Why reinvent the wheel?

From AI to blockchain and everything in between, innovation in financial services hangs on intuitive and accessible apps. However, building fintech apps from scratch can be costly - and slow.

Invessed offers a range of components to accelerate development. From user management to charting, use our component library to create your innovative solutions to life.

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Modern technology stack

Invessed is legacy-free, built on the latest stable technology and best-in-class digital frameworks.

Using a microservices architecture, your solution is flexlbe, adaptable and future-proof.

Cloud-native approach allows you to make the most of security and scalability features. 

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Agility out of the box

Enjoy the full protection of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud investment in security.

Protect your data with strong SSL/end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication.

Independently penetration-tested on a regular basis, and accredited by ISO 27001 standard.

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Innovation at scale

Service a larger pool of clients without expanding the team or compromising quality.

Save up on compliance costs by centralising and streamlining consent management.

Dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a SaaS Client Portal.

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Within a few months, we had a fully fledged custom portal. Invessed realised our ideas in record speed.

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