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Asset managers

CRM-connected, data-driven websites for asset and fund managers.

You can’t change fund performance. But you can influence customer experience.

Life is not easy for Asset Management marketing professionals. Markets will go up and down. Compliance will demand disclaimers on your most precious screen real-estate.  

The good news is that many investors find experience as important as performance. The digital channel is where expectations are set - both for prospective and existing clients.

This is your area of expertise, and the target is clear. Give your investors the best possible experience, and they will stick with you - when markets go up or down.

Mobile-first digital experiences for asset managers

"For a cutting-edge result, we engaged a provider who could take a more independent view, and didn't need to to stick to an ‘out of the box’ tool"

London & Capital

Lead-generation websites

Websites that show your brand in the best possible light. Featuring CRM connectors and interactive components, this is the best start to your customer's journey. 

Lead-generation websites

Lead-generation websites

Mobile-first websites, integrated with CRM and data, showcase your brand and product range.

Secure web portals

Take customer experience beyond conversion and on-boarding. Personalised valuations, reporting and documents for your high-value investors - on browser or on an app. 

Secure investor portals

Secure investor portals

Build investor loyalty with CRM-connected portals for secure valuations and document distribution.

Customer success story

Prosperity Capital is one of the world’s largest Russia-focused asset managers. We helped them to give investors secure access to market commentary and in-depth fund information.

Prosperity Capital

Prosperity Capital

A secure investor portal, integrated with FolioMetrics CRM, for a London-based fund manager.