1. The typical: “We have no time”

By far the most typical excuse for delaying a Client Portal project. We really get it. So much so that we created Invessed to help you deal with this problem. You tell us what you need, we make it happen.

2. The delayed: “Our data is not ready”

This is a sensible reason, but in favour of a Client Portal. Your data is your business. A Client Portal project will force you prioritise sorting out your data, for internal and Client use.

3 .The tight: “It is too expensive”

You are probably charging your clients ~2% of their assets to manage it. We think that investing 1% of that revenue to Client  Experience is reasonable - and in line with expectations.

4. The concerned: “We are worried about security”

And so you should be, it’s a massive issue. Distributing reports and data without a Client Portal is a security problem. It’s called a Portal because you can lock it.

5. The naive: “We get a free portal with the CRM”

They are “free” as in “no one would pay money” for this kit. Most of them are clunky, slow, unsupported, inflexible and ugly. Client experience is too important to be an afterthought.

6. The snowflakes: “Our business is unique”

Everyone thinks this, and it is partially true. However, compliance, reporting and client expectations are common. Our technology is flexible enough to handle the “unique” parts.

7. The dinosaurs: “We send quarterly PDFs via email”

No more printing and posting, huh? You got this “digital” thing all sussed out, right? Think again: email is insecure, PDFs look awful on mobile, and anything other than on-demand reporting is pants.  

8. The offensive: “Our clients are too old”

We’ve not heard this for a while, but it still comes up. The idea that people of a certain age are not savvy with tech is nonsense. Just ask your clients.

9. The deaf: “Clients are not asking for it”

Yes they do, though they phrase it as a problem, when they demand more “transparency”, “immediacy” or “better service”. They will not give you the solution on a platter and ask for a “Client Portal”.

10. The crooked: “We do not want clients to have that much access”

Some companies think that more transparency will lead to more unpleasant conversations. This is untrue, and also a symptom of deeper issues. All other objections we can handle. This one’s a show-stopper.