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Data-driven fund management website, integrated with factsheets and market data from Anevis Solutions.



Rivertree Investment Funds is the customer-facing brand for all funds managed by the KBL epb group. The relatively new brand belies the organisations impressive scope: operating from fund management centres in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK; and managing approximately €5 billion on behalf of private and institutional clients.

Building on the existing relationship with the KBL group, GrowCreate was called on to design and build a website to communicate fund data, distribute regulatory distribution as well as emphasise the group’s expertise and approach. Regulatory compliance was one of the challenges, as the content had to be signed off by multiple EU jurisdictions.

Key to the site is the Fund Explorer page, a bespoke experience to showcase the company’s multiple fund share classes.

Rivertree fund explorer


Starting with the freshly-designed brand identity, we developed an information-led experience to display diverse content such as fund manager biographies, company and fund information. Our platform was deployed on a dedicated Azure environment, using Umbraco as the CMS engine and integrating data and documents provided by with Anevis Solutions.

Key to the site is the Fund Explorer page, a bespoke experience to showcase the company’s 160 fund share classes. Combining static content from the CMS with dynamic data from Anevis Solutions, the fund explorer allows investors to drill-into the fund universe by category (Equity, Fixed Income or Multi-asset), type of share or currency.

Drilling into the individual fund pages, we integrated Anevis Web Charts for performance and breakdown visualisations, as well as their Fund factsheet service, to provide investors with fresh commercial and legal documents. To ensure compliance across countries, we added a library of disclaimers personalised by country, language and profile.

Rivertree fund management website


Rivertree website was launched in March 2019. Offering a fresh user experience, flexible technical architecture and close collaboration with Anevis, we have a springboard for iterative improvements to match Rivertree’s ambition and evolving product range.